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Online download The Spanish American Revolution 1808 1826 Revolutions in the Modern World Author John Lynch – gh4crew.co.uk

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Ots are made of arrogance paternalism elitism and this guy was one of the few good guys ou can find in the book At this guy was one of the few good guys The Defense (Eddie Flynn you can find in the book At Lynch gives him the good guy treatment But here are Bol var s own words about Americans so judge forourself I am convinced to the very marrow of my bones that America can only be ruled by an able despotism we are the vile offspring of the predatory Spaniards who came to America to bleed her white and to breed with their victims Later the illegitimate offspring of these unions joined with the offspring of slaves transported from Africa With such racial mixture and such moral record can we afford to place laws above leaders and principles above men The last few pages are a brief overview of the aftermath of independence petty countries or countries still to be were the victims of caudillos regional chieftains who warried among themselves for their own piece of turf like the independence war before but on a neighborly scale To milk the resources of the country and to curve any appetite for knowledge among the servile masses that was and still is the only aim in Spanish speaking America Know any better recipe than teuila mate cocaine and telenovelas to keep people dumbed down for ever The Spanish American Revolutions is a traditional history originally written in 1973 and updated in 1986 The author John Lynch was professor of Latin American History at The University of London I 1986 The author John Lynch was professor of Latin American History at The University of London I this book because it gets high praise from Carlos Fuentes in his wide ranging survey of the relationship between Spain and Latin America El espejo enterrado With 50 pages of notes and a 25 page bibliographically essay Spanish American Revolutions is the result of extensive research and is packed full of information It is. Eficiaries5 Peru the Ambiguous RevolutionRoyalists and reformistsThe rebellion of PumacahuaSan Martín and the liberating expeditionThe protectorateThe Guayauil interview6 Venezuela the Violent RevolutionFrom colony to republicWar to the deathThe revolution livesNew masters old structures7 Liberation a New Site in ColombiaThe grievances of a colonyLiberation of New Granada conuest of uitoColombia one nation or threeThe liberal society8 The Last Viceroy the Last VictoryPeru reluctant republicBolivia independence in search of a nation“America is ungovernable”9 Mexico The Consummation of American IndependenceSilver and societyThe insurgentsThe conservative revolutionNew mule same riderCentral America independence by default10 The Reckoni. .
Southern cone up ending with Mexico and last of all the Central American countries and on these last nations very few pages are used As one might expect the multitude of names facts and the different analyses that apply to each case does not help with the entertainment department so to speak but the idea is there to pick up The general idea comes forth from the reading as from a bird s eye up above the scenery we see how different races and social echelons compete for a place in post colonial Spanish America how there is a lack of plan in the sense of a revolution of the people as in America or France and it is only a fight to fill the vacuum left by the Peninsulares a fight to take the reigns of the whatever comes after whether it be a Republic a Monarchy or whatever The outcome and this is the main point I gather was not what mattered to the people in general what mattered was who was going to rule who Was To Be Favored And to be favored and was to stay the same or get worse The story is not a bit idealistic or romantic I m afraid on liberty and justice for all etcBut that s Spanish America I mean no Burke no Jefferson no Franklin nobody The Catholic Church and the aristocrats of Spain had for so long kept the hearts and minds of the spanish people in ignorance isolated from the heretic Protestant world of northern Europe that the word civilization did not uite apply to the cultural state of the Spanish people in Spain or in America Oh Hai nhà you are thinking of Bol var of course Bol var how could I forget But Bol var isn t my cup of tea eitheres he did have some ideas and he did look up to Britain and hoped to be in good terms with them But he was not a democrat at heart perhaps he was even a racist definitely he was democrat at heart perhaps he was even a racist definitely he was the stuff desp. Rrevolutions that frustrated their efforts to create new societies In the second edition Lynch adds a section on Central America and incorporates the latest work being done on the origins and aftermaths of these revolutions Contents 1 The origins of Spanish American Nationality The new imperialismAmerican responsesIncipient nationalism2 Revolution in Río de la PlataMerchants and militiaThe May revolutionBuenos Aires and the interiorRivadavia and the new economyEstancieros and the new society3 Revolution against Río de la PlataIndependence of UruguayParaguay the impenetrable dictatorshipThe war of guerrillas in Upper Peru4 Chile Liberated and LiberatorThe Patria ViejaSan Martín and the army of the AndesFrom O´Higgins to PortalesThe ben. .
Good textbook that gives the History Of The Various Revolutions of the various Revolutions occurred in this period Enjoy Useful overview of a very broad topic I was looking for a well researched book on the revolutions in South America that brought about independence from Spain I could have chosen several books about the independence movements of each nation Many of these books are high partisan This book completely satisfied what I was looking for The various chapters look at regional are high partisan This book completely satisfied what I was looking for The various chapters look at regional movements They talk about political economic and geographical driving forces that led to the Push For Independence And The Reasons For Failure Of Larger for independence and the reasons for failure of larger The book is filled with dates names and facts It mentions battles but does not go into details beyond what is necessary to describe the battle in the context of the larger independence movement It is not a book for light reading It is rather dry It is however and excellent book for anyone looking at for a detailed overview of the events from 1808 to 1826 It is one despite its original publication date that I would highly recommend for anyone with an interest in the subject On the subject of Latin America s wars of independence from Spain Lynch s book is essential reading T rk ede maalesef Latin Amerika devrimlerine dair partizan olmayan bir kitap bulma imkan ok Konuya dair ok kapsaml ve ilk elden kaynak olabilecek bir eser Latin Amerika devrimlerine ve spanyol imparatorlu unun eni k tada nas l par aland na ilgi duyanlar i in neririm T rk eye evrilmesi ok b Falling Through Clouds y k hizmet olur The vastness of its subject matter hardly makes it for an easy read but the craftsmanship of the good historian John Lynch saves it from the oblivion of the masses Lynch goes by geographical areas starting at the. Spanish America was engulfed for nearly two decades in revolutions for independence that were sudden violent and universal John Lynch provides a brilliant survey of the men and the movements during these criticalears He views the revolutionary outbreak as the culmination of a long process of alienation from Spain during which Spanish Americans became aware of their own identity conscious of their own culture and jealous of their own resources He traces the forces of independence as they gathered momentum and spread across the subcontinent in two great waves converging on Peru He also explains why the heroic liberators among them San Martín Bolívar and O'Higgins were unable to prevent the revolutions from ultimately turning into counte. ,

The Spanish American Revolution 1808 1826 Revolutions in the Modern World