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So Far from the Sea

review ¾ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ø Eve Bunting

Y the Americans I gave this book 5 stars because it really tells you what it was like in the war and has flashbacks which show you pictures of what it was like This war and has flashbacks which show you pictures of what it was like This is just great because many people have gone through these camps and now anyone who has read this book knows Caldecott worthy Now Manzanar has an interpretive center and a few buildings definitely worth a visit if you live within a few hundred miles Are any other camps locations preserved as monuments or heritage sites The story is well done Using one family to show the effects of the internment camps on the lives of the Japanese is effective Alternating images in color representing the present day 1972 and black and white representing the back story 1940s captures the moods of the placePicture books are sually for young audiences but I d broach this subject with older kids or kids whose f There are many forgotten stories in our history in America During WWII the most neglected of stories what happened to Japanese citizens who were placed in camps is illustrated beautifully in the story So Far from the Sea by Eve Bunting It follows a brief day as a family travels to a camp today to relive history and visit the grave of a
and to a portion their life behind forever The story is told simply in its genre of historical fiction and imprints well the meaning many Japanese Americans carry todayThe story would be well placed in the curriculum of 3 5th grade as part of a greater nit on the history of this country during WWII It could easily facilitate a greater theme about concentration camps and why they are so wrong as it is shown that in America we did something very similar to those with Nternment camp were Laura's father then a small boy and his parents Now Laura says goodbye to Grandfather in her own special way with a gesture that crosses generational lines and bears witness to the patriotism that survived a shameful episode in Am. ,

A beautiful book for a message but also the craft of writing Takes s back to when Janpanese were put into internment camps during WWII It is a good book with historical information and the literacy techniue of back story telling the story though the father s view from the year s past This is a beautiful picturebook that depicts a very gly time in our history Eve Bunting and Chris Soentpiet s illustrations and in our history Eve Bunting and Chris Soentpiet s illustrations and blend together well in this somber look at the Japanese Internment Camps that were built somber look at the Japanese Internment Camps that were built the bombing of Pearl Harbor Laura Iwasaki and her family make the journey one last time to the Manzanar Relocation Camp in California to say goodbye to her grandfather who died there in 1943 The reader is transported from the present to the past with Soentpiet s graceful balance of full watercolor paintings and pencil drawings Young readers will be apt to follow the non linear narrative with the support of the black and white illustrations This techniue is brilliant and should be sed often for early elementary historical fiction Bunting includes a factual Afterword that is also Scary Stories 3 useful and should spark conversations from readers I was especially astonished to read that 10000 Japanese Americans were interned in the Manzanar War Relocation Camp in California alone This tragic historical event seems to benderrepresented in the picturebook genre Perhaps it is because it occurred so recently in our past or perhaps there is still an element of shame connected to the decisions made in 1942 Eve Bunting never disappoints This was such a powerful read about Japanese Internment Camps A great historical fiction to share with children This book is about the Japanese who got taken Laura Iwasaki and her family are paying what may be their last visit to Laura's grandfather's grave The grave is at Manzanar where thousands of Americans of Japanese heritage were interned during World War II Among those rounded p and taken to the
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Japanese heritage Students could read the story and have a discussion in groups as it is vitally important to factual curriculum to include this topicSo Far From the Sea has vivid illustrations by Chris K Soentpiet and as Such Would Be Very Enjoyable To Students would be very enjoyable to students teacher s read aloud Each page has a good amount of text and students would enjoy being introduced to this part of our history with pictures that show what it was like to be in an internment camp in AmericaThis book is WOW to me because of how simply and elegantly it poses the topic There is no blame and there is ite a bit of forgiveness in the characters yet the estion lingers that maybe the country #was wrong It touches pon the right points concerning the history of the #wrong It touches pon the right points concerning the history of the and the illustrations are beautiful I believe this book would be essential to an introduction of American Internment Camps as students need to learn about them Excellent book A reader can learn so much detail about life in the Japanese American internment camps yet the book does not work too Hard To Share The Facts to share the facts real point of the book is the story which is filled with emotion The switch between colored illustrations and black and white is a great tool that helps s be engaged in Laura s father s story and Magical Sweet Mermaid understand it a little bit A beautifully written story about an incredibly important topic the forced relocation of Japanese Americans to internment camps during World War II The story is told from the perspective of seven year old Laura m One of my very favorite children s historical fiction books An incredibly touching story that deals with a family s memories of Manzanar the Japanese American relocation camp in California in WWII. Erica's history Eve Bunting's poignant text and Chris K Soentpiet's detailed evocative paintings make the story of this family's visit to Manzanar and of the memories stirred by the experience one that will linger in readers' minds and hearts Afterwo.

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