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Review also at JustOneMoreBlogAboutBooksARC courtesy of NETGALLEYI LIKED IT BUT I ALSO liked it but I also that something was missingGoing in I was expecting a little romance between Rafi and Mihi and probably that s why I was disappointed on this front The story is focused on Rafi and his mission than his relationship with "HIS HUSBAND YEP THEY RE MARRIED OVER RAFI TALKS " husband yep they re married over Rafi talks Mihi as if the reader nows everything already which he doesn t and that left me uite disconnected to themHowever considering only the main storyline the mystery about the terrorist attack that left Mihi injured Road to Revenge has definitively nothing missing There s the right amount of intrigue action and plot twist as any good spy storyAll things considered I m uite curious about the second book in the series Road to Home will be released on January 7th and to find out where RafiMihi s adventures will take them next timeAt last I d like to thank the author for the chance to read her book through NetGalley and I hope she appreciates my review 4 StarsPlease read review at The Blog of Sid Love Review posted on World of Diversity Fiction ReviewsI m not sure how to review this book While I really enjoyed reading it I Life Changing Smiles know it s not a story that everyone will like It s not a romance but a well written gay fiction which does have a same sex married couple that love each other in it There is mystery suspense and intrigue set in a place that sees violence and hatred almost on a daily basis Rafi and Mihi are in a Market Place restaurant when there is a terrorist attack just outside the restaurant Moments before the explosion Rafi leaves to use the restroom and Mihi gets critically injured in the explosion Rafi is unharmed and vows to find out who was responsible for hurting Mihi andilling innocent people It s hinted that what Rafi and Mihi do for a living in the States makes him the perfect person to go undercover to track the culprits I wi. Rafi only wanted to spend a relaxing day in Tel Aviv with his lover Mihi When a bomb goes off outside the restaurant where they stopped for Sh information was given about their history and what exactly they did for a living in the States that gives them such intimate nowledge of terrorists and the like While revenge is foremost Rafi s mind he is able to and the like While revenge is foremost on s mind he is able to that part of himself under control enough to get the job doneI liked the first person POV in this story it really made me feel involved and not nowing very much of the area that this story takes place the authors descriptions and Only a Whisper knowledge made it feel real Even though this story isn t a romance the love and devotion that Rafi and Mihi feel for one another shines through and some of my favorite parts are the ones where Rafi is visiting Mihi in the hospitalI wish readers would take the time to read Gay Fiction there are a lot of great stories and authors writing those stories out there I recommend this book to anyone that wants to try something new 35 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsReview to follow 35 starsWe are dropped into the heart of Israel in a large marketplace in Tel Aviv where our two protagonists Rafi and Michael Mihi a married couple are visiting from the States A bomb goes off outside the restaurant they are eating in and they go from sightseers to victims of a terrorist attack Mihi is critically wounded but Rafi because of a bathroom break to the back of the building is unharmed From this explosive start the story unwinds very much like opening up a carefully wrapped box Clues and information about the suicide bombing and the two men affected Rafi in particular are slowly uncovered Though it s never really clear who these guys are in the world they are than meet the eye Both men have close ties to Israel and Rafi it seems is no mere tourist While Mihi lies recuperating from his injuries Rafi is brought in to help Israeli intelligence investigate the suicide bombing The story moves uickly from two lovers on vacation to one of terrorism in the Midd. Unchilling several people and leaving Mihi in critical condition Rafi vows to catch the culprits and make them pay Set on revenge Rafi acce. Le EastRafi s job is to infiltrate a small group of representatives of HADO a humanitarian NGO Humans Against Death And Humans Against Death and thought to be involved in the bombing The mission of the four HADO members is ostensibly to help Palestinians severely restricted by the West Bank barrier They are thought to be responsible for a breach in the barrier which ultimately allowed the suicide bombers through Rafi sets out to determine these member s real focus are they fanatics blind co conspirators to their *cause or are they being manipulated by terrorists His reasons for joining *or are they being manipulated by terrorists His reasons for joining investigation are as much about revenge as routing terrorismTold in first person the narrative has an up close and personal feel as the reader moves with Rafi in the investigation What is disconcerting is that some important information is not given we never find out what Rafi s past connection is to the other operatives in the case nor how they fit in with the Israeli intelligence system Rafi is experienced with undercover investigation but we don t now how nor what his work is back in the States The story seems as if it s missing a preuel or a body of background information which would have made it much less confusingWhile Road to Revenge is an action packed compelling look at a volatile situation from the Israeli point of view I would have liked information about its lead characters and how they fit into this world The author seems very nowledgable about the setting and it s history but at into this world The author seems very nowledgable about the setting and it s history but at the story skirts around turning into a political lesson Having said that a big shout out to the author for giving us a happily married same sex couple in a world that doesn t make it an issue Props I was really surprised with this novel It had a solid plotline and great characters What brought me to this book was the location of the story I have always been fascinated with that region I would ve liked to see intrigue and bigger. Pts an assignment to infiltrate a group of humanitarians to figure out which of them was responsible and to stop whatever they're planning ne. Road to Revenge

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