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Ance with the kittypet Velvet Velvet s ntroduced towards the end of the book only to be cut out of the story with the promise that we ll never see her again Like the other readers I m left scratching my head at the point #of this nteractionmaybe ve been watching too #this nteractionMaybe I ve been watching too Game of Thrones but Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Czechoslovakia (Favorite Fairy Tales, Book 10) it s very difficult to feel suspense at these events when you know nothings going to come of them In the Original Series major events were actually significant Cats who joined ThunderClan became major characters Tragedies like fires and sickness resulted The Missing Link in permanentnjury or even death Forbidden romances crossing Clan borders or asking to join another Clan was a Really Big Deal Speaking to StarClan was a rare magical experience that took place by starlight now I ve lost count of the amount of times a prologue has been set Working Girls in a Sunny Greenleaf Clearing with a bunch of StarClan cats talking about some upcoming doom The strangest things that the writers have Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe incentive than any to kill off characters ThunderClans full to the brim with an army secondary characters we never hear anything about This book Speechless is simply a bunch ofnconseuential events strung together and you know what that leaves us Filler This book Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, is a whole poorly written 281 pages of filler Wowt Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, is probably a volcano don t know what happens For reviews and bookish content I read another Warrior Cats book I always end up forced to thinks the series really getting worse or have I grown to old for Stranded With The Tempting Stranger it It wasn t long ago that I read the first arc though andt was nearly as good as I remember The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, it being This newernstalment feels like a mess At the beginning of this arc I was excited to have newer POV characters but they re shoved to the side pretty hard for Alderheart who s dull at best Twigbranch which can we look at that name for a second ugh just tells you how her relationships are developing Sparkpelt goes from being a huge asshole to liking her but t s a snap switch we never see them learn to like each other on the page The same goes for Violetshine s random romance The NOVELLA TIGERHEART S SHADOW IS ALMOST REUIRED READING TO Tigerheart s Shadow s almost reuired reading to this book Mindhunter in the series There s a bunch on nonesense with Dovewing and her kits that ll be confusing otherwise but honestly I can hardly be bothered to care about the 200th forbidden romance with zero conseuences from either catnvolved Why Flawd ist even against the warrior code Sweet Stallion if you can just get up and switch to whatever clan your mates The County And The Kingdom in Clans mean so little now you can flip flop until your comfortable and at worse other cats will be annoyed The 201st forbidden romances Alderheart loving a kittypet for a few pages even though Summer Heat! it ultimately amounts to nothing what a waste of timeIt seems like this series can t even be bothered to hold together a plot any Random terrible things happeningsn t a plot The book opens fire death kidnapping someone returns the end That s just a series of barely connected events What s worse Crushed Ice is they can t even manage to make them have any weight because they won t kill off any actually significant characters Even cats who are much older than wild cats have the right to be Even though Thunderclan has almost an entire clan of medicine catsHonestly I don t really enjoy this series any but I keep readingt because I want to outlast t I want to see the older characters die and actually make room for a new cast I want to see the warrior code updated because breaking t means less than nothing any Sure you can betray your clan and break the warrior code but then you can come back and be leader afterI think the publisher Risking It All is making huge mistakes with how they are handling this series and lettingt become the sort of crap they can pump out three times a year that kids will read but never love the way people loved the first arc Children aren t stupid with the rate this series Dog Food 2 is going they ll see how poorly written and plottedt Santa In Montana (Calder Saga is You can t even draw themn with the darkness the first series had because there s no death or conseuence any I hate seeing something I love twisted like this but hey The Moonshiners Daughter it s still making money so I guesst s fine. His fragile new peace But StarClan warns of a storm building on the horizon and Alderheart Violetshine and Twigpaw must fight for not only their Clanmates and kin but all five warrior Cla. .
River of Fire Warriors A Vision of Shadows #5

Erin Hunter ¼ 9 Read & Download

I really loved Warriors n the beginning but A Vision of Shadows Saints on Stage is by far the worst sub series out of all six of them The characters have gone downhill I mean Violetshine and Alderheart are still okay characters but Twigpaws just whiny silly and ungrateful Plus I know lots of reviewers have already mentioned this view spoilerwhy does Bramblestar name her Twigbranch What an annoying name #How About Twigpelt Or Twigsong Or Twigstrike Or Anything But #about Twigpelt or Twigsong or Twigstrike or anything but hide spoiler oh look blackstar agrees with me with the none of this shit would ve happened Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, if blackstar was still leader II can t dot anyI only got 44 pages childhood happy hours in and I just could not push myself to continue It took forever to startt was sitting n my pile of to read books for so long now begging me to start And I thought when I started the feeling would go away and everything will be fine Well whenever I remembered that I needed to contiune this book t filled with my dread and I did not want to read anyGuys I m doneI m done with Warriors The series has turned Publish and Perish into a milking Review will contain spoilers for all previous Warriors books as well as River of FireWhat I didn t likeAlderheart having a romance Why was this necessaryTwigpaw s warrior name Twigbranch Seriously The whole reason she was named that was so stupid Because you ve grown from a twignto a branch Wow Still sounds awful When I first read Given Time it I thoughtt was a typo until Bramblestar continued talkingDovewing and Tigerheart running off and doing their own thing and then conveniently coming back when they were needed They really pissed me off because I liked the The Book of Lamentations idea of Dovewing getting over Tigerheart and being mates with Bumblestripe but no We had to do the forbidden romancesHow everyones using poor SkyClan You have cats coming and going Guide Through the Old Testament in their camps as well as ShadowClan not staying faithful andt s a huge mess and SkyClan never asked for The Best-Case Scenario Handbook it OKRiverClan coming back to the group and wanting help It s your own bloody fault that you need help because you refused to let anyone near you drama ueensTigerheart being brought back to life wasweird I can t decidef I like The Last Days of the Romanovs it or notWhat I likedVioletshine and Tree are adorableTree s new job I genuinely love thedea of a Clan ambassador to settle disputes and having The Fate of the Romanovs it be someone whos outside the Clans Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, influenceResurgence of Darktail s group Knew that was going to happenJayfeather s sassBriarlight s death It was AWFUL I cried Butt was so well done because we ve had Briarlight around for two whole series now so we ve gotten used to her being there and this came out of nowhere and was superbly doneWindClan LOSER is so helpful and nice now It s refreshing after dealing with the Onewhisker doppelganger who ruled I still believe that Onestar was a bad clone of Onewhisker and Onewhiskers off Home-Ec 101 int eh woods living out his lifeGreystripe Brightheart Cloudtail and some of the other old gang are still around It really hit me with this book that Greystripes the last character who has been around since book one BOOK ONE I will be sobbing for hours when he dies Just go look for me Exterminating Angel in the closest restroomAs a whole I liked this book Twigpaw I refuse to use that awful name was bettern this but I still don t like how she s trying to
"fix everything herself "
everything herself Culture and Customs of Norway is seriously living up to the bossy ThunderClan stereotype The whole thing with Tree being able to see and talk to dead cats was cool We ve never had anything like that before But now you have StarClan bringing cats back to life to make them leader andwhy Tigerheart ran off from his clan He abandoned them and StarClan wants to make him leader Not only that but as Bramblestar said having a Tigerstar leading ShadowClan sounds really really bad I m going to have a hard time looking at Tigerheart and not picture Tigerclaw now The ending to the book was also super happy and that was weird because when has a Warriors book ever ended on a happy note Other than series end and a few special editionsAlln all a decent read with some pretty great stuff and Jayfeather s sass had me dying laughing Super curious to see where book 6 takes us as I have zero The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, ideas. A shadow has fallen across the warrior ClansThe return of the long lost SkyClan has usheredn a time of unprecedented change and upheaval and one of the proudest warrior Clans s no Shad. Right now I want to like this book than I did There was so much that they put nto 275 pages meanwhile they spent several hundred on Tigerheart s feelings A Private Midnight in his super edition that was loathsome I m upset that they chose to ditch Rowanstar just because they wanted a second Tigerstar I m upset that they re ruining Alderheart s character for no reason by making him falln love with a sexy cat lady that he met once It s so frustrating that they feel the need to create conflict rather than build his character through his hard work We finally got character development with Jayfeather showing that he s not just angry all the time They killed off Briarlight just because they were tired of writing about a disabled character and couldn t do anything else with her so rather than have her as a background character like the 3000 other cats they just decide to kill her off Genuinely upset at how they ve taken this set of 6 books you can tell how much The Weavers Idea Book it s changed and I love the new writing but not the changes to old characters Should have sett The Mission of Mooney Rooney in the future with all the past charactersn StarClan rather than ruin them with unnecessary add ons Again The Road to There it was a good book butt s easier to point out the flaws than the accomplishments Hey Larksong I killed the leaf Finpaw I m sad to say I didn t like this book and Templars in America it has made me fear how the arc will endWhile I can appreciate the slight character development given to Jayfeather I think the rest of the characters were treated poorlyTwigbranch god I hate her name and Violetshine seem to have no personality I hate how out of no where Violetshine s affection for Trees f the Erins wanted them #To Have Any Kind Of #have any kind of why not spend this book devolving that nstead of making Violetshine unlikeable Speaking of unlikeable Leafstar Enough saidI think Twigbrach and Finleap s friendship Inside a Barn in the Country is really cute and I would be okay with them becoming mates but sometimes Twigbranch would patronize Finleap so hard and not even be sorry after Like Wh yNow probably one of my least favourite parts of this book Alderheart and Velvet It was so absolutely unnecessary and annoying to have Alderheartnstantly fall for this random cat What purpose did The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums it serveAnd I don t mean to call anyone out but I definitely mean to call someone out Fernsong Sweetheart I never really liked you but I thought what you said about being a stay at home dadn Darkest Night was cute So why weren t you doing any of that once your kits have been bornWhat I theorized for this book was a fight between ShadowClan and SkyClan Violetshine being torn about fighting her former Clanmates and maybe stopping the war I wanted to see Twigbranch develop a friendship with Sparkpelt so we could learn about her while also helping Finleap find his place Athena in ThunderClanI wanted to see an epilogue where Sleekwhiskers seen watching from the shadows plotting her revenge against Rowanclaw s family and later becoming a much needed female villain I understand I will not get everything I hope for Tales from the Toolbox in these books but some of these things like what I said about Twigbranch and Sparkpelt seemed like obvious thingsAnyways I can only hope that we get a good climax and ending to this arc This books simply a series of minor seemingly unconnected events which bring few conseuences for the overall story For nstance the story begins with apprentice Twigpaw leaving SkyClan to join ThunderClan who hardly give her a warm welcome This plot point had the Potential To Be Very Interesting Yet Only to be very nteresting yet only few chapters later we are told that Twigpaw s doing just fine n ThunderClan and the plot point Det ordnar sig is all but forgotten Another examples the fire The Admiral in RiverClan s camp towards the middle of the book This fires depicted The Homunculus in the book s title and on the front cover sot promises to be a major plot point yet no one Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) is hurt and very little happens as a conseuencen general It s a very striking contrast to the forest fire Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory in the Original Series where a major character dies and ThunderClan s entire territorys destroyedA further example which has been mentioned at length by other reviewers The Succubus is Alderheart s brief rom. OwClan has given upts territory Its remaining warriors have joined SkyClan and ts former leader Rowanclaw has abandoned the name StarClan once gave himSome cats are content to accept ,
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