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M shops not supermarkets and grow your ownPerhaps a little disappointing but no doubt true I will also personally be tucking into cheese and olive oil as recommend in Tim Spector s book The Diet Myth But that book is rather less of a strong reading experience than this The author says Eat food not too much and mostly plants and offers a uick shortcut to healthy "Eating Suggesting That You Shouldn T Eat Anything That Your "suggesting that you shouldn t eat anything that your grandmother wouldn t recognize as foodFollowing the Great Grandmother rule blanks grandmother wouldn t recognize as foodFollowing the Great Grandmother rule blanks a lot of options and removes most of the profitability of the agro food processing industry but he shows that it is still just viable if a shopper freuents farmers markets or avoids the packaged goods in the central aisles of supermarketsHe also interestingly shows how the food industry plays food science marketing with features such as added fibre added omega3 etc while ignoring the beneficial natural sources I have a medical and science backgroundso traced references citedeverything checks out Recently diagnosed with osteoarthritis at age 63 and weight 284 pounds Read this book the first week of Januarywent shopping for real foods the second week of January Find it satisfying to eat no than 4 oz of red meat 2 3 times a weeksalmon mackeral sardines 2 3 times a weekand a couple of days with no meatjust veggie omega 3 sources Have re read the bookhighlightedadded notes on all pagesand bought 2 copies for my 30 and 21 year oldsboth who grew up in the age of nutritionism with all its false information Following Pollan s common sense advicepaying the extra for organic basic veggies and olive oil Decided to eliminate all wheat and corn until I loose the weight I ve set as a goalFive weeks eating 3 meals a dayand by week two much of the chronic 24 hour a day pain was gone and I began walking the elliptical and the woods Five weeks and 30 pounds lighterwith energy than I ve had in 20 years Buy this book learn it live it tell your loved ones Michael Pollard is opening many people s eyes to the perils of processed foods I thought I had a lot of nowledge about real food and health but this book not only taught me much but also has inspired me to eat better every day Skip snacks eat three meals eat real "Food Not From A Can "not from a can package nothing that contains than five ingredients or ingredients you cannot recognizepronounce Imagine your grandmother standing beside you at the market would she recognize a food Industry has brought many wonderful changes to our world but the food industry changes have made Americans overweight and sick I m recommending this book to everyone I like Michael s book is witty informative nutriti. H In Defense of Food Pollan proposes a new and very old answer to the uestion of what we should eat that comes down to seven simple but liberating words Eat food Not too much Mostly plants Pollan’s bracing and elouent manifesto shows us how we can start making thoughtful food choices that will enrich our lives enlarge our sense of what it means to be healthy and bring pleasure back to eating  Michael Pollan is the designated repository for the nation's food conscience Frank Bruni The New York Times  A remarkable volume engrossing Polan is always a good Read In One He Offers In one he offers eating well that mostly make a lot of sense While staying "one he offers rules for eating well that mostly make a lot of sense While staying accepted mainstream science territory for the most part he occasionally digresses into personal opinions that are not well supported by nutritional evidence For example he disparages oleomargarines wholesale without acknowledging that some recent products like Smart Choice are made without trans fat and with a predominance of healthy polyunsaturated and monounsatured fats He also does readers a disservice by painting all manufactured foods as not real and therefore automatically unhealthy undesirable and somehow almost evil This is a ridiculous false dichotomy generalization natural good unnatural bad that ignores the fact that modern fermented foods like wine and beer are also clearly unnatural but somehow okay anyway in his book The generalization also falls apart uickly when you realize that strychnine is natural but probably not a good edible Just because our human bodies didn t evolve eating manufactured foods doesn t necessarily mean that at least some such foods can be perfectly safe and uite nutritious I recommend chewing this book carefully and only swallowing the parts that make sense A very persuasive treatise on food Pollan explains why nutritional advice has not worked out well over the years individual foodstuffs contain so many different substances that it s hard to now what are the active ingredients as it were and when it comes to experimenting and leaving something out of a diet or putting something in there s the whole field of what else we eat or don t eat to compensate to consider too So this is like looking for a needle in a haystack But then we find that actually there s a lot of skin in this game for food manufacturers who d like to be able to market processed foods rather than the simple and pure foodstuffs they are made from because this is where there s value add in this market and they d like to market health claims for their processed foods which also seems generally to be possibleAnd while humans have evolved to live off a very wide variety of diets in a healthy way the Western diet hasn t historically been one of them as we ve moved towards chemical treatment of agriculture impoverishing our basic foodstuffs and have moved from leaves to grains and then onto refined grains partly simply for their eeping ualities if the nutrients aren t there they ll be easier to preserve from decayThe final part says what we can do about all this when we eat Simple messages avoid the processed stuff spend on food and time preparing and you will eat less eat less meat go for far. Number one New York Times best seller from the author of How to Change Your MindThe Omnivore's Dilemma and Food Rules  Food There's plenty of it around and we all love to eat it So why should anyone need to defend it Because in the so called Western diet food has been replaced by nutrients and common sense by confusion most of what we’re consuming today is longer the product of nature but of food science The result is what Michael Pollan calls the American Paradox The we worry about nutrition the less healthy we seem to become  Wit. ,

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Onism since 2005 I am guilty of nutritionism but like Michael s book I feel like I have come full circle with my eating habits Eat local grow your "own eat mainly plants I always felt so confused about meat veganism vegeterianism Michael gives me "eat mainly plants I always felt so confused about meat veganism vegeterianism Michael gives me comfort w Well organized and well written this book covers how we got to where we are buying processed foods labeled with various health claims that are meaningless We find out about the rise of the nutrition industry and how they ve led us astray We ve all heard that fresh less processed is better but the author does an excellent job of explaining why Living in Switzerland decades ago I said half JOKINGLY WITH NO SCIENTIFIC BASIS IN MY HEAD THAT with no scientific basis in my head that cheese and chocolate was excellent because of happy cows all roaming the hillsides looking content indeed The author validates my offhand comment and explains the science behind it I ve been buying eggs from pasture grazed hens for the sake of the hens The author tells us that the nutrition content of eggs from grass grazed eggs is vastly different from those of grain fed hens I ve been buying grass fed beef after cringing at the conditions in El Paso and Central California feed lots after driving past again for the cows sake The author explains how the meat from grain fed cows is very different nutritionally from naturally grass grazing cows Interesting how consideration and care for the animals in our food supply chain dovetails with our own health This book is a must read for anyone who believes that what you eat effects your health and wants a simple framework for making better eating choices This book was life changing for me I found Pollan s writing style to be thoughtful clear and relatable And I can t tell you how many times Eat food Not too much Mostly plants has run through my head in the years since first reading it I appreciate how he challenges so much of what we hear about diet every time researchers think they have the Split key to nutrition or weight loss something new is discovered to turn it on its headThe book helped me explore my interest in traditional diets made up of purewhole foods leave behind food like and gimmicky products in the stores and switch to cooking Food Rules great book with some interesting insights into how we view and treat food Fascinating how the big corporations manufacturers and politicians can manupulate science statistics to their own ends A good evidence based introduction to diet and how opinion has changed over the last decade The conclusions are wellnown but the evidence behind the importance of good eating will definitely strengthen inclination to adopt a healthy eating habit. Ollan offers those prescriptions Americans so desperately crave The Washington Post  Michael Pollan’s most recent food book  Cooked A Natural History of Transformationthe story of our most trusted food expert’s culinary education was published by Penguin Press in April 2013 and in 2016 it served as the inspiration for a four part docuseries on Netflix by the same name Pollan is also the author of How to Change Your Mind What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness Dying Addiction Depression and Transcendenc. In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto