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Andrew Watts finished Glidepath last night Great ob one of those rare books that I could not put down and had to keep reading to the end Favorite summer readI very much enjoyed the Warplanner series but I believe Glide path is your best and will lead to future success Thanks for the great read Max Fend has potential and maybe he will develop as an action hero but he is definitely not there yet The young Mitch Rapp was much interesting as was the young John Rain In both these characters we see mistakes such as Max makes but we see Rapp we see mistakes such as Max makes but we see Rapp Rain learning from them Also it feels like I am learning reading a FlynnMills Eisler Baldacci or Childs book Watts alludes to AI as a TECHNOLOGY BUT WE LEARN NOTHING ABOUT IT NOR ABOUT but we learn nothing about it nor about craft So why did you runMI 6 if that s indeed who they were leads me to believe that there was to come in terms of evidence against me The man who helped me to escape warned me not to let myself get taken into custody He informed me that someone was trying to set me up Knowing that I was innocent his advice seemed of high uality Plus I tend to believe folks like thatFolks like whatSpies with elaborate motorcycle escape plansAh Them A drone airplane being tested in Iceland which I imagine looks similar to the Fend 100 However Watts takes a fictional leap by putting passengers in his Fend Aerospace droneMeet Max Fend he s young good looking and ust recently returned to the States after spending several post college years partying it up in Europe His father Charles Fend is the powerful CEO of Fend Aerospace an already successful corporation that is now poised to win the NextGen drone contract with the US government Charles entertains hopes that his son will retire his play boy persona and accept a position at the aerospace company If nothing else it would reduce the embarrassing tabloid pictures But mere days before the 100% drone piloted passenger aircraft Fend 100 is set to make it s maiden flight up the coast of Florida the Fend Aerospace computer system is hacked Suspicions and theories abound and the FBI is called in to investigate the threat level this. What is hiding in the CIA's top secret personnel file on Max Fend The one that even his FBI investigator isn't allowed to seeThe FBI wants him arrestedThe CIA wants him to disappearAnd the owner of a Russian mercenary group wants him deadA mysterious cyber attack on Fend Aerospace triggers an investigation into Max Fend the son of aerospace tycoon. .

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Glidepath Max Fend #1Who boasts he churns out a new novel every few months Slow down a bit and spend time with a professional editor The story itself is fine Too simplistic This did not have the grit or twists I expect from a thriller Every character especially the protagonist Max Fend was one dimensional and not at all sympathetic I might have enjoyed this book in sixth grade but it seriously lacks depth for an adult audience No need to look over your shoulder the future is here in front of your for an adult audience No need to look over your shoulder the future is here in front of your This tale is fiction but is so realistic it is almost impossible to set down once you start do not make any plans It is a captivating tale inclusive of todays realities terrorism brutal criminal organisations that reach across the globe domestic and foreign intelligence services switch back plots with countless possibilities brutal murders assassination attempts edge of the cliff fight for your life action car and motorcycle chases
Cutting Edge Aviation Innovations And 
edge aviation innovations and much The scenarios are not only plausible but many are already in use today and others ust a heartbeat from going into production soon regarding AI assisted commercial auto pilot capabilities ballistic chutes on light aircraft drone and driverless car technology these last two are not in the book but are a reality the list goes on and on So if realism is important to you this is the one I can not wait to see this adaptation on the big screen it has that potential I was provided with a complimentary copy with no strings attached and I happily give this review Enjoy wow what an impact Once again Andrew Watts has created a hit filled with action foreign intrigue multiple intelligence agencies cutting edge aviation technology and a little love interest thrown in for good measure Just the idea of pilotless commercial aircraft could make for a great story but when you add in foreign interests and various intelligence agencies it ust get that much betterHis new character Max Fend is well developed and uite believable I m looking forward to reading Max Fend books in the futureI received an advance reader copy and chose to provide a review. Centers on Max FendNow Max must team up with an old flame Canadian hacker Renee LeFrancois Together they will attempt to unravel Morozov's plans before it is too lateGlidepath is the electrifying new thriller from USA Today Bestselling Author Andrew Watts Pick up your copy today and see what fans of Lee Child and Vince Flynn have been raving about. Hack could pose As the dust begins to settle it looks like Max could have had a hand in the hack He made some unsavory Eastern European friends while overseas But why would he hack his own father s company He appears to be sabotaging his own future And who exactly is helping him elude the FBI There is clearly at play here then ust some simple hacker high inx My two cents Watts has given us an interesting thriller premise centered around emerging drone technology Unfortunately his prose fails to live up to the promise of his plot Max is a flat character and his support cast Isn T Much Better There Are A t much better There are a twists and turns to the story arc but they are easy to spot for anyone who isn t new to the thriller genre Given 2 stars or a rating of average Recommended only as a library check out Further Reading A summary of all things drone by wikipedia an opinion piece from Business Jet Traveler discussing whether or not drones will ever carry passengers Fidelity by Andrew WattsWelcome to the 21st century and functional AI integrated into commercial aviation Planes flying without human pilo This was my first Time To Read This Author to read this author I was most pleasantly surprised This is a whole new fresh thriller series for me and I intend to read of him soon Not sure why he isn t widely followed as in my mind his story line intensity and writing skills are in the same class as Vince FlynnKyle Mills Brad Thor Daniel Silva and David Baldacci Great book Getting into it and am enjoying the characters Max Fend s unfolding character is the type of guy I enjoy The story line is also very interesting investigating cyber hacking Then I see a moment of stupidity that Watt could have avoided creating with Max learning something and still walking right in Why do it Max was smarter and now he gets a case of the dumbs Oh well it all works out I ust don t like character flaws Good book 5 Pease hire an editorParts of the story were exciting and compelling however the continual editorial errors and punctuation errors became so annoying I almost didn t finish the book I won t look for titles by this author. Charles Fend Fend Aerospace is only days away from launching the world's first autonomous commercial airliner and investigators are struggling to connect the dotsBut when Pavel Morozov a wealthy ex KGB agent shows up from a past Charles had long forgotten the pieces begin falling into place Morozov plans to execute a deadly and nefarious plotand it.

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