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Of someone we loved than ourselves like being banished into forests far From Everyone Like A everyone like a A book must be the axe for the frozen sea within us That is my belief Was Fake Like Me one of those books Nope Mediocre in its intent to promote radical feminism with all th I was lucky to receive an ARC of Fake Like Me and I DEVOURED it over a weekend taking it with me verywhere I went A young unnamed artist struggles in the shadow of an impossibly cool dead one another young artist gorgeous nigmatic talented worshipped beyond measure in the downtown New YorkHudson Valley art scene There s a mysterious compound where our dead girl created her work and where those she left behind are still haunted by her death Yes there s a man gutted by her loss who our unnamed artist can t stay away from You re sensing Rebecca vibes but this is all brand new It s a book about jealousy and legacy and who really owns your vision But it s also a deeply sexy thriller That Will Keep You will keep you until the last gorgeously written pages A stunner It s 1996 and the unnamed narrator of this story is a fledgling artist from Florida currently a sopho at the Academy in NYC and feeling pretty lonely in the big city One day she notices a group of five young and beautiful artists who are making it in the art scene Three of them have graduated from the same art school she s attending and all are becoming well known for their nihilistic and shrewd work rather all of a type But it is a young woman of the group named Carey Logan who is the hottest of them all with her hyperrealist sculptures of human body parts Oh how our narrator would love to be just like her and be part of that group now known as Pine City They form an xclusive artist collective by that name moving into an old resort in upper New York state where The Time It Never Rained each has their own studio and other artists are allowed to come by invitation only Fast forward to 2006 and Carey has stopped working in sculpture and taken up performance art The reviews are not kind and Carey does one last performance in which she commits suicide on filmNow three years have passed and our unnamed artist is making a bit of a splash herself with her billboard sized paintings when disaster strikes and her loft burns with most of her work inside She lies to the gallery owner who is selling her work about thextent of her loss and now she must uickly repaint several works for her upcoming show It s an impossible super human task and where can she find a studio big The Child of the Soul and Other Stories enough to hold her work at this late date One art patron she meets comes to her rescue and says she can get her a spot at Pine City Wow Her dream is finally coming true The remaining four Pine City artists are not particularly welcoming at first And she finds it odd that none of them will talk about Carey at allven though her work still obviously influences theirs Is there going on here than meets the Childrens Phantasies eye Injoyed the story but I don t think it s going to be veryone s cup of tea I think you have to be very interested in art and njoy reading the details of the creative process The minutia does slow the story done a bit but I think the pace does make sense It gives the reader an understanding of all the work this artist must go through to recreate her paintings and save her career Desperate times I had at first marked this as a thriller but it is not The touch of mystery is very light but rather interesting when you finally learn what s going on at Pine City I think the story is much about relationships and how people use other people I received an arc from the publisher via NetGalley for my honest review Many thanks She met her when she was nineteen a fledging art student meeting Carey Logan an artist part of a collective called Pine City She admired her strange work her notoriety Carey was the in artist Pine City the in group Then she hears that Carey had stopped creating turning instead to performance art and then kills herself Why did this happen Our no name artist wants to know wants to know obsessively In time she gets her chance after The Soviet Union experiencing a tragedy of her own and what she finds is so much than shexpectedThe avant garde art scene I find it fascinating and something I will never personally Gods and Heroes experience Those who create for their livlihood where so few actually make it This is a study of those creators but also of a young artist struggling for her own future and becomingnveloped in something she never Science, Technology and Culture expected This is in parts strange part mystery and part revelation Our unnamed young artists backstory helpsxplain her insecurity and her intense uest for her own artistical recognition but alsoher own search for self It takes us deep inside the strange world of the rich and famous of friendships that form and cement the participants in a course of action that could lose them No Beast So Fierce everything they worked for It was uite good but felt thending was the weakest part of the story It did though show us where our young artists future may possibly lieARC from Netgalley. Her death haunts the cabins and the black lake lurking beneath the surface like a shipwreck As the young painter works obsessively in Carey's former studio uncovers strange secrets and starts to fall hard and fast for Carey's mysterious boyfriend it's as if she's taking her place But one thought shadows her very mo. I can t remember reading anything that delved so deeply into the art world as this Our narrator a truly original painter who doesn t know her power loses her home and 9th floor walkup studio in a fire and talks her way into an artists compound of almost mythic reputation in the Adirondacks Barbara Bourland claims to not have an in depth knowledge of this world but this book belies that fact Her descriptions of the creative process ring so true as our heroine creates her billboard sized oil paintings because they are the pinnacle of labor xpensive weighing hundreds of pounds incorporat A No Name literally and figuratively young female painter develops A Girl Crush On fan girl crush on Logan the most visible and successful member an art collective known as Pine City who all graduated from No Name s art school about six to ten years ahead of her That crush torch is carried from a distance for 15 years during which time Carey Logan commits suicide Then No Name s studio burns along with six paintings she s promised for an upcoming show A lucky ncounter gets s promised for an upcoming show A lucky ncounter gets an in to work at the Pine City colony and maybe to learn a bit and finally understand her idol This book has a problem which is not Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy entirely its own fault The official jacket blurb different from what I ve written above promises a psychological suspensethriller type story But the story that s actually in these pages Is definitely not that kind of story It s an utter fail in that what I was anticipating was not at all what I got So then the uestion becomes how do I feel about what this book actually is The answer to that is very very mixed Positives about this book are First the writing is very good It flows well andven when I was bored with the story I kept flipping the pages and zooming along because the writing just kept carrying me from sentence to sentence and chapter to chapter There s an unreliable narrator vibe which I generally Lawman Lover (Outlaws, enjoy and which kept me curiousven when nothing was really happening And it s that tone that probably got this marketed as a suspense novel Second while I did not like a single character in this book not one they are all well drawn ha with their own motives and ambitions so I found them mostly interesting and compelling Third I was fascinated by the friendship between No Name and influencerphotographerrich girl Max Fourth the author seems to have done uite a bit of research so I did feel genuinely immersed in the art world while reading this Negatives in addition to the marketing problem I already mentioned are First there s next to no actual tension in this book No Name is supposed to be desperate to get the contracted paintings done but while the urgency is described I didn t personally feel it The narrative bounces back and forth between omg get six huge paintings done in 44 days and omg Carey Logan lived and died here and I want to know City Girl in Training everything about her I found No Name and her paintings sort of interesting but I didn t really care about her or them Second this book seems pretty insulting to the professional art world it s very cynical beyond satirical imo and I would be curious to know how actual artists might feel after reading it Third there s a sort of twist at thend but I saw it from very Mystery at Kittiwake Bay early on and kept hoping I was going to turn out to be wrong But nope it was just that obvious Last thending felt like a bit of a let down for me as it didn t really add up to anything although it was a happy Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files ending if very muted On the bright side view spoiler at least there is no Surprise Baby to Give Our Heroine s Life Meaning after all the condom less sex she has hide spoiler 45 A no name painter no name as in not famous but also literally as she remains nameless throughout the book is on the verge of a career breakthrough She is nearing completion of her series Rich Ugly Old Maids a set of large scale oil paintings loosely based on the seven virtues Then the loft in which she has been living and working burns down Her insurance won t be paid out because she wasn t supposed to be living there her management stillxpects the show to be delivered on schedule as she d claimed the finished works were in secure storage As she sees it there s only one way out She has to recreate the work via the single item she managed to salvage a notebook containing meticulous notes on the process used to create The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, each paintingIn the background of all this there s another important character Carey Logan the narrator s hero Until she killed herself at the age of 37 Logan a sculptor and performance artist was an art industry darling She was the most famous member of a five person collective Pine City the group went on tostablish a residency of the same name in upstate New York As the narrator secures a place at Pine City and gets to know Logan s collaborators the parallels between the two women become worryingly clearEvery turn of Fake Like Me is remarkably well handled There s a sense that the narrator is stepping into Carey Logan s shoes but she doesn t lose he. What really happened to Carey LoganAfter a fire decimates her studio including the seven billboard size paintings for her next show a young no name painter is left with an impossible task recreate her art in three months or ruin her fledgling career Homeless and desperate she flees to an xclusive retreat in upstate.

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R identity and her own art never ceases to be important Her surroundings from the fashionably ramshackle Pine City to her wealthy friend Max s astonishing modernist home asily spring to life in the mind s An Italian Education eye As do her paintings I had guessed the twist well ahead of its reveal but I didn t care I think that s the best way to do a twist really it doesn t matter that it s reasonably obvious to the reader because it s still immensely satisfying to watchverything finally click into place for the narratorSmart and authentic and incredibly gripping Fake Like Me isn t just a step up from Bourland s debut I ll Eat When I m Dead it s several flights of stairs up The narrator and her art are utterly believable creations If you Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code enjoyed What I Loved The Strays or The Ecliptic I urge you to add this to your wishlist It s a literary art novel laced withnough lements of the psychological thriller to make it feel taut and compulsive a brilliant concoctionI received an advance review copy of Fake Like Me from the publisher through NetGalleyTinyLetter Twitter Instagram Tumblr 35 stars rounded to 4I ll admit I m less than knowledgable about anything involving the art scene I am not cool hip or in the know about much these days other than Peppa Pig and Blippi but it was nice to delve into an adult story that did not feature talking pigs or a grown man wearing clothes that appear to fit a toddler This story is also being touted as a thriller which I guess it is in some ways but I would classify this as a literary thriller or a dramatic thought provoking crime fiction That s not a criticism merely a heads up to those looking for a classic thriller Where to start This glitzy sleek story is told in such a uniue format we do not learn the official name of out narrator who gives off an unstable vibe from the very beginning and I honestly found this so fascinating I was intrigued to know what drove this character what brought her to the art scene and how someone could so seamlessly slip into the lifestyle of another person Like I said this is really of a dark character study than a thriller but there s nough of a vein of suspense that keeps the reader hooked and intrigued throughout I found that once our nameless girl makes it to the art retreat Pine City that the pacing really picked up and I found myself fully investedI don t want to say much but if you decide to read this one and want to discuss in greater detail AKA SPOILERS we would love to have you join our Goodreads bookclub HERE I was provided a finished copy of this book for review via the publisher all thoughts are my ownWelcome to our June choice for the Suspenseful Clues and Thrilling Reviews Goodreads bookclub Everyone is invited to join in and you can find the discussion threads in the 2019 monthly reading tab HERE 2 starsBeyond its promising summary Fake Like Me is little than a predictable and unsatisfying ode to the female artistThis book is not doing any favours to modern and in particular abstract art If anything it confirms the notion that today anything can ualify as art and that critiues of modern art use an array of pretty metaphors that have little meaning or depthps by modern art I mean conceptual installation and performance art made by artist of dubious talent such as Tracey EminThis novel should not be pegged as a suspense since there is very little tension or mystery to be found in its story The fir A young un named painter with potential is poised to make waves in the art community with her collection of seven billboard size paintings When her apartment goes up in flames and decimates the ntire collection she lies to her gallery and says that six have been safely crated and stored only the final painting she was still working on has been destroyed The gallery decides it S In Their Best Interest in their best interest have her to re create the final piece which has already been sold in total secrecyNow homeless and without a single piece for her show she searches frantically for a studio available on short notice where she can re create all seven pieces in their ntirety in just three monthsThe artist is in awe when an acuaintance gets her a spot at the Forbidden Stranger exclusive artist retreat known as Pine City in upstate New York Pine City isn t just a resort it s also the name of the collective of five artists who own itCa You ve got to admit that Humpty Dumpty was a piece of art Well then you can admit that this poor piece of art committed suicide by falling of the wall And so it was again in Fake Like Mexcept that this time it wasn t Humpty Dumpty Franz Kafka said I think we ought to read only the kind of books that wound or stab us If the book we re reading doesn t wake us up with a blow to the head what are we reading for So
that it will 
it will us happy as you write Good Lord we would be happy precisely if we had no books and the kind of books that make us happy are the kind we could write ourselves if we had to But we need books that affect us like a disaster that grieve us deeply like the death. New York famous for its outrageous revelries and glamorous artists And notorious as the place where brilliant young artist Carey Logan one of her idols drowned in the lake But when she arrives the retreat is a ghost of its former self No one shares their work No parties light up the deck No one speaks of Carey though. .
Fake Like Me