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Americas First City dThere The plot is bullet riddled with acts of easy violence that almost feel natural as Bill climbs over bodies and up the corporate ladder The evolution of a telemarketer to serial killer is executed with Darkly comic take of aeluded egotist making some very bad Bone Mountain (Inspector Shan, decisions highly readableCold Caller is Jason Starr s 1997ebut and is classified as American noir specifically hard boiled white collar noir and having read very little of the genre I wasn t sure uite what to expect Whilst I am not sure that I enjoyed the novel or would recommend it I certainly couldn T Stop Reading And stop reading and certainly says something Why Firstly Neutered by the vet (The League of Dominant Women due to how bizarre it seemed and secondlyue to the wryly amusing serial lying and immoral protagonist whose first person narrative makes him strangely easy to empathise withBill Moss is in his early thirties and should have been somebody in the world of advertising up until losing his job as a VP of marketing at a major New York ag The plot is easy to followand narrative crisp and clearbut sorry something is missing for meProbably I have a eja vu feeling that I ve read this kind beforeReading it again May Give Me A Different give me a ifferent I thoroughly enjoyed this thriller Cold Caller was fast paced had ark humour and felt like a bit of a tame version of American Psycho at times This "was really easy to listen to in audiobook format and I found myself taking it around the house "really easy to listen to in audiobook format and I found myself taking it around the house me all ay as I couldn t stop listening to itI borrowed this through Kindle Unlimited Jason Starr s first novel is short Seducing Ingrid Bergman dark unsettling and awkwardly funny Bill Moss has big plans for getting his career back on track and no one is going to get in his way So what if he has to murder a few people They are really in the way and toteseserve Red So Bill snaps and the next thing he knows he has a ead supervisor on his hands and problems no career counselor can help him with. .

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Cold CallerCold Caller Dark White Collar NoirCold Caller by Jason Starr has been ubbed white collar noir and having read and enjoyed his short thriller it is easy to see why it has attracted that tag Cold Caller gets A Secret Place darker the you read and the you read the easier it is to identify with Bill Moss If you have ever worked in a call centre those soulestroying places that are the modern satanic mills then you "will closely identify with what Starr has written especially about some "closely identify with what Starr has written especially about some the Scandalous (Playing with Fire daft rules that are in placeBill Moss used to be important in advertising but he had to now work in a call centre while trying to get back in to the advertising world He kept seeing idiots being promoted while was stuck in his cubicle making the contacts for the sales team When humiliated by his line manager the seeds ofestruction were sown in his mindAt the same time Bill s world with his girlfriend Julie was starting to unravel as was every other aspect of his life His work was stifling him his girlfriend was stifling him and he was slowly reacting against it When workers were being let go he thought he too would be shown the Brute Force (Nick Stone, door but somehow ended up being promoted The he wanted to rise in the job the willing he was to kill his boss Ed to get there andestroy the evidence in the processEven after murdering Ed Bill s life really Beautiful Breasts Pictures does spiral out of control until he has no control over his life whatsoever Even at the end we see the cycle of offending start again even though things will be a rather lot harder for himCold Caller is a well written scary noir story with some excellent twists that leave you guessing all the way to the end This thriller is bothark and funny at the same time set in a world where a great many people can identify with Bill Moss An excellent Once Bill Moss was a rising VP at a topflight ad agency but now he works as a cold caller at a telemarketing firm in the Times Suare Ddition to the American Noir shelves a book that you will regret not reading sooner I always knew that telemarketers Were Sociopaths I Knew It sociopaths I knew it knew it I knew regret not reading sooner I always knew that telemarketers were sociopaths I knew it I knew it I knew This is Starr s first novel At times the prose struck me as either overly mannered or overly amateurish but overall he turns in a great performance updating the conventions of the classic noir tale to familiar and believable contemporary NYC surroundings The ending is a surprise but also "the only possible and fitting conclusion This one makes me want "only possible and fitting conclusion This one makes me want read Starr Jason Starr is the kind of solid To Risks Unknown dependable thriller writer i can get behind Kinda trashy buteceptively astute incredibly well plotted sharp funny and really When You Look Up dark In this one you re not exactly rooting for the character he s a scumbucket but there s something about him that you sympathise with It s a neat trick and his slow moralescent is pretty funny and frighteningly realistic Not sure if it jumped the shark at the end A total page turner though The book that launched Jason Starr s career and the book that got me hooked onto his The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, dark crime noir style of writingAll his protagonists are creepyevious and evil Yet you can t seem to avoid rooting for them to get out of their predicamentsThe closest author I can think of who most resembles his works and characters is Patricia Highsmith and her famous Talented Mr Tom Ripley character COLD CALLER is one of those books that gets better the times I read itThe Any Girl Can Be a CandyKiss Girl! / Tea with the Birds / The G-SUS Gene dialogue is crisp clever and portrays the mindset of lead character Bill in perfect clarity From hiseluded thoughts of justice to his misguided sense of right and wrong author Jason Starr manages to make Bill s rationale honest whilst being eually murderous As far as white collar noir goes COLD CALLER is right up. Rea He's got a bad case of the urban blues Still he's good at his work and he thinks about to be promoted when out of the blue he's fi.