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I started to read Virginia Andrews books about 10 years when I was a Teen I Can Remember Stealing I can remember off my mother s bookshelf and reading them within a day However I ve found that the newer books that have been ghostwritten after Andrew s death are mainly a disappointment compared to the older books she wrote herself Celeste had a good start as I liked the angle of supernatural powers being passed down through generations but I found that many pages would rattle on with the same hopesworries about these powers so that I really didn t care if they were real or mental illness by the nd The book was very reminiscent of my favorite VA s book Flowers in the Atticselfish mother that keeps children isolated but did not have the suspense or Creating Lasting Value emotion that made that book tonthralling I honestly feel that these newer books after VA s death do her name and previously Understanding Markets and Strategy excellent storylines a disservice As they seem to be a poor re hashing of original ideas I m still deciding if I m going to bother reading the sueals to this story if I do it wouldn t be for a while and I would only look for them at my local secondhand bookstore not worth buying new TW *rape physical andmotional abuse I ve read uite a few VC Andrews books in my time and I m *physical and motional abuse I ve read uite a few VC Andrews books in my time and I m in saying this is the worst so far It has all the markings of true VC Andrews trash hints at incest fatal car accidents a pivotal scene where the protagonist gets her period for the first time rape child abuse a psychopathic matriarch the list goes on Although it seems strange to say a book containing ANY of those themes could have ven an ounce of charm but there is a kind of nostalgia linked to some of VC Andrews books and this one lacks I liked this book but didn t Immerwelt - Der Pakt exactly love it Being locked away fromveryone lse is a horrible thing for children to be made to do I totally get the fact that a child wants their parents to be proud of them but personally I felt Celeste should have refused to be her brother She was her own person much like all twins Being denied the information of what a menstrual cycle was reminded me of Carrie by Stephen King I was concerned mainly with the fact her mother made. He was her mirror image Now the mirror has crackedCeleste and her twin brother Noble are as close as can be until a tragic accident takes Noble's life It's a loss that push. In a mental hospital That s my kind of story I Am PISSEDThis book went from a solid 3 star to a 1 star real fastHow you askWell it started out kinda decent It s a VC Andrews book but it s really the ghost writer that writes under her name a man Basically the MC is a twin and when her brother dies her mother makes her take over her brother s life and pretty much tries to rase the fact that she ver had a daughter The characte This book was amazing for me and it was a true vc *Andrews Book Secrets And *book secrets and and horrorCeleste Atwell lives with her mother Sarah father Arthur and brother Nobel Celeste s mother is clairvoyant meaning she can speak to spirits and contact them The family lives Seriously This guy has got to uit writing this crap If he s going to continue writing it he should use his own name This recent stuff bears no resemblance to Flowers in the Attic or Heaven and probably has V C rolling in her grave UGH After I read the book I ripped it to pieces and threw it away Horrible book Can t believe she goes back to living as a boy And that

"Her Mother Took Her "
mother took her from her Would NOT recommend this book Won t read it again Loved it This was a good and original story Good job ghostwriters for keeping it as true as Virginia would have Must read When I saw Celeste by VC Andrews on my local libraries book shelf nostalgia flooded my heart I haven t read her books since I was a pre teen Most people don t know but Andrews died in 1986 A ghost writer who Andrews selected prior to her death has written 40 novels under her name since all in the style of Andrews writing Celeste like her other novels did not disappoint Celeste and her twin brother Noble share verything including a new age obsessed superstitious mother who has built a spiritual wall around their home One day there is a terrible accident Unable to accept that her son has died she dresses his deceased body in Celeste s clothing and forces Celeste to become Noble As she grows and her body changes it becomes and difficult to keep up the ruse Ancestral Voices especially when a handsome new neighbor moves in next doorAnxcellent start in the Gemini Series I look forward to the next titled Black Cat. Take on Noble's identity Celeste has virtually disappeared until a handsome boy moves in next door and Celeste will risk her mother's wrath to let herself come back to life. .

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Celeste Gemini #1Her wear a modified corset With it being as tight as it was her ribcage could have been crushed from the pressure and messed her internal organs up I was horrified that Aristotle Detective (Aristotle even though her brother s death was an accident that the mother believed it would draw attention to their name if the town found out But with the disappearance of Celeste they still brought attention to themselves There was just so much the mother denied her daughter by doing what she did throughout the whole book And no matter what Celeste had a baby and if she wanted to see it then the mother shouldn t have denied her to take care of her Albeit she was just a teen when she had a baby but at least show her how to take care of the baby without being an a hole about it I came across this title as I was cleaning up the VC Andrews Goodreads page A VC Andrews series that was not five books long The premise also sounded very different from her other sagas Celeste and Noble are twins whose mother believes she can speak to spirits After their father dies their mother keeps them isolated on their farm and homeschools them until the day Noble has a terrible accident and dies Celeste believes it was her own fault and tries to appease her mother when she tells Celeste that she needs to take Noble s place Mother cuts Celeste s hair and makes her behave like Noble But notven crazy mothers can stop a young girl from blossoming into a woman and getting raped by the teenage pervert next doorAfter a certain point the point where Celeste hits puberty this started to sound like all the others Crazy mother wealthy and isolated family big dirty *secrets and a little rape and an illegitimate child to top it off So many things were wrong here It *and a little rape and an illegitimate child to top it off So many things were wrong here It only natural for twins to play the show me yours game there s nothing wrong with watching your sister masturbate and getting Bones, Clones, and Biomes excited all girls want to wear make up and brush their hair and naturally all girls are promiscuous and like to shove their bosoms at people And Mommies always love their sons best Sadly I kind of want to read the next book in the series It sounds like the mother if not Celeste herself is insane and one or both of them willnd up. Es their mother a woman obsessed with New Age superstitions over the dgeDesperate to keep her son alive Celeste's mother forces her to cut her hair wear boys' clothes and. .