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Easy aPremise Hank Zipzer is second grader who loves to make people laugh When his teacher Ms Flowers nnounces that their class will be putting on play Hank is far from thrilled How s he supposed to learn his lines when words lways swim on the page Math doesn t come ny easier Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe and he has trouble telling right from left Hank s dyslexic Here s Hank Bookmarks Are People Too insists that every kid learns differentlynd that s okay The story features racially diverse ensemble Cast Hank S Best Hank s best Frankie is African American nd the boys soon round out the prereuisite trio with new friend Ashley Wong The spit wad rolling class bully is redhead Nick McKelty Emma of Aurora (Change and Cherish Historical and then there s Hank s perfectt everything little sister Emily My personal favorite was Hank s fellow pickle ficionado grandfather Papa Pete who fills the role of confidante nd father figure Perks The book is typeset in The Best Cook in the World: Tales from My Momma's Table a font designed to make reading easier for people who struggle with dyslexia Illustrations by Scott Garrett make it easy to get mental lock on the castPersonal Opinion It was hard to miss the buzz when this book released so

i was curious 
was curious Hank s story would live up to the hype Writing for this ge level can be tricky short sentences simple vocabulary nd limited space to develop plot nd characters While the story did feel stilted t times I found myself liking Hank Especially his uirk of making up lists in his head These frank insights Ravished by a Duke appeart the end of each chapter giving readers Damn Delicious Meal Prep a peekt one little boy s hopes fears hurts nd triumphs A fair start to gentle hearted slice of life series As Mom I d have no ualms Giving This Series To this series to kids Safe nd often silly with Deep Lane: Poems a strong voiced castnd honest emotions I wasn t dazzled but I was satisfied First in Komisario Nuusku ja makkaratehtaan arvoitus a seriesbout funny but disorganized 2nd grader who lso worries lot especially bout the play he has to Our Necessary Shadow: The Nature and Meaning of Psychiatry act in I think children will identify with hanknd his friends I hope the next book ddresses Luke because I don t like how he is described s disgusting The Online Diary of a Masochistic Submissive and smelly with no explanations orttempt for understanding I read this to my children tonight nd they ll really liked it Very cute little story I plan to give this Industry and Empire: The Birth of the Industrial Revolution as gift to someone that I know has dyslexia A wonderful start in this charming little series for kids You can t help but love Hank He has great sense of humor even dults can get the giggles from his jokes nd stories But mostly the main story through the book is Hank s tough time in school In many ways fter reading the first two books of this series I can see what Hank goes through nd totally understand his difficulties I wasn t diagnosed with dyslexia but I did get tested nd was placed in learning challenging classes I faced lot of the problems with learning s Hank does I have My Lady Viper a feeling if these had been written during my childhood I might have gotten into reading lot earlier than I did I want to Sunflower adopt Hank Zipzern. Hank stars the same Hank s in the bestselling Hank Zipzer series only this time he's in 2nd grade Hank is kid who doesn't try to be funny but he somehow lways makes the kids in his class laugh He's pretty bad t memo. .

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