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Aristotles Rhetoric eStolen Inspector Colin Brindley who bears a strong resemblance to Amelia s fantasy vision of Sherlock Holmes finds Amelia and her friends intervening repeatedly in his investigationAmelia and Colin both irked me For someone sonamoured of proper investigation Amelia approached her investigation in a very haphazard manner with huge leaps of faith reuired ironically the Blood Runs Green exact opposite of her hero Holmes Colin was far pedantic and often lectured me about things such as fingerprints which stifled the romanceThe biggest problem with this novel is that it doesn t sit neatly in a genre It isn t really a mystery novel with a romance as Amelia is fairly dense and the clues are not integrated well By the same token it is hard to judge it as a romance novel with a mystery component as the relationship between Amelia and Colin was so tepid The characters were uniformly stereotypical the dialogue was often trite and the way the historical aspect was addressed had me grating my teeth The world was fairly thin because DeHart stopped so often toxplain things clearly catering for those unfamiliar with the raI think I had a negative reaction to this novel because I have read hundreds upon hundreds Of Mysteries By Writers Who mysteries by writers who a bang up job at lacing *their books with clues and red herrings If you take this as a historical romance then you can give * books with clues and red herrings If you take this as a historical romance then you can give Leeway But You Would but you would the romance side to be beefed up a little I wish there had been depth in both the characters and the dialogue This books wasn t for me but you are thinking of giving it a shot I suggest you borrow it from the library rather than coughing up cash for it. HimselfInspector Colin Brindley has no interest in ncouraging a meddling beauty who imagines herself Watson to his Holmes But Amelia is as sharp witted and brave as she is lovely and in their wild hunt for an Colored Property elusive thief Colin's heart maynd up being the precious object that's gotten truly purloin. ,

Waffled between a 23 star It is a cute book for a *Uick Weekend Read But * weekend read but is a bit silly I picked this up for 2 at Garden Ridge and I was surprised at how good of a read it was Engaging characters and plot I am interested to read her other novels Fabulous and intriguing it is a wonderful start to a four part series I adored the characters how they dealt with their fears and insecurities as well as the puzzle before them Filled with humour and mystery A study in Scandal is a delicious read A cute sweet book DeHart has a breezy comfortable writing style that I Desire and Truth enjoy The plot was cute but sort of silly It was the developing relationship between the characters that made the booknjoyable Nice This
was okay and simply okay once in a while I was surprised but for the most part it was just okay the characters were cute but nothing specific the lines were dull This would be nice for a filler and nothing Clever and cute story of four spinsters who pretend they are amateur sleuths When one of the girl s lady Amelia Westerfield father s priceless Egyptian head study of Nefertiti disappears their sleuthing begins in arnest The detective assigned to the case Colin Brindley head study of Nefertiti disappears their sleuthing begins in arnest The detective assigned to the case Colin Brindley a Sherlock Holmes substitute to Amelia and she is determined to help him find the culprit at first he finds her annoying but her wit and persistence soon has him seeing her in a different lightRecommended Also found at book is set in late 1800s just around the corner to the turn of the century It is the first book in the series called Ladies Amateur Sleuth Society Well it was a fun read I really like the uotes from Sherlock Holmes bo. Who are the Ladies' Amateur Sleuth Society Four unconventional beauties banding together to unravel real life mysteriesorFour best friends past the age of twenty with no marital prospects and nothing better to occupy their timeLady Amelia Watersfield's lighthearted detecting club becomes than simply an.

Characters A Study in Scandal

Ok The two main characters are Amelia and Colin and they
trying to solve the mystery stole her father s bust of NefertitiIf you are looking for a little mystery with your romance you might like reading this bookThat s all for today Happy reading A copy of my reviewThis is my first book by this author and I grant it s not really my preference The blurb sounded really interesting and what drew me in The premise was good if a little out thereMAY CONTAIN SPOILERS READ AT YOUR WILLThe hero Colin was alright verything a hero in a romance a little out thereMAY CONTAIN SPOILERS READ AT YOUR WILLThe hero Colin was alright verything a hero in a romance should be I must say though that he was uite incompetent as an inspector JMO of courseNow for what really bugged me the heroine Amelia On page 48 my opinion of her was cemented as a complete ditz She fashions herself a Sherlock Holmes and judging by her detecting skills she would need the clues pointed out to her and maybe Childerley even labeled as such She s no Watson let alone SherlockBetween the Hero and Heroine they didn tven solve the crime like blundered upon the villain who Cultural Excursions explainedverythingAs a romance this is sweet light hearted there is one love scene As a mystery its a riddle you don t really Cruelty and Laughter even get any clues I don t think I ll be getting any books by her Perhaps shes your style This book was a lot of fun Robyn DeHart s website is great about background and I love that she gives pictures of who her HH look like to her Review from Backchatting BooksLady Amelia Watersfield is so fascinated by the idea of solving mysteries she sets up an amateur detecting club She and her friends have an opportunity to hone their skills when an Egyptian bust belonging to her father is. Intriguing diversion when her father's priceless Egyptian artifact is stolen under his very nose Now the game is afoot inarnest and Amelia nearly swoons to discover the detective assigned to assist her is a handsome brilliant and breathtaking investigator who might as well be a young Sherlock Holmes.
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A Study in Scandal

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